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Belkin Setup

Belkin Setup
Belkin Range Extender Setup
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Belkin is an American multinational brand of innovative consumer electronic and networking devices. It is a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge technology to its global users in the form of user-friendly gadgets. It offers an extensive range of intuitively designed electronic products known for their outstanding performance. One of its most widely used products are Wired and Wireless Router. These feature-packed Routers are globally acclaimed for its unbeatable speed, coverage and versatile connectivity options. Not only that, it ensures that these ingeniously designed gadgets are exceptionally user-friendly. In other words, it takes every possible step to keep Belkin Setup and Management completely hasslefree.

Quickly Perform The Belkin Setup Process

Belkin Setup is an extremely simple and quick procedure that is available through two distinct methods. You can either execute it through its web-based portal or by means of its Setup CD. Both the methods assure smooth and hassle free setup.

Belkin Setup Through Web Portal

The Belkin Setup process can be conveniently categorized into two phases. To begin with, it requires you to execute a physical connection. Thereafter, configure the Router on your Internet Network.

Hook Up The Router To Your Modem and Computer

  1. First and foremost, carefully unbox your new Belkin Router. You must remove all the packaging material from the Router without causing any damage to the Device. Also, bring out its Power and Network Cable. 
  2. In order to proceed further with the Belkin setup process, disconnect your Modem from its Power Source. For this, unplug its Power Cable from the Wall Outlet. 
  3. Now, you will have to connect this Router to your Internet Network. In other words, you must hook it up to your Modem. For this, it provides an Ethernet(Network) Cable. Plug in one end of this cable to your Router’s WAN/ Internet Port. Similarly, plug in its other end to the Ethernet Port of your Modem. 
  4. Next, you must connect the Modem back to its Power Source by plugging in its Power Cable to the Wall Outlet. 
  5. Along with that, connect this Router to a stable Power Source. For this, you must use the accompanied Power Cable. As such, plug in one end of this cable to your Router. Similarly, plug in its other end to a wall outlet. Then, switch on the wall outlet. 
  6. Also, press the Power button on the Router for Belkin.Setup. With this, its Power Lamp will light up. Make sure the LED Light is properly lit and stable. 
  7. Thereafter, proceed with the Belkin Setup process by securely connecting the Router to your Computer. In order to establish this connection, you should use the second Ethernet Cable that comes in the Router Package. As such, properly insert one end of this cable into the Ethernet Port of your Router. Similarly, insert its other end into the Computer’s Ethernet Port.

Configure Your Belkin Router

Connect To The Internet

  1. Begin the Belkin Setup process by launching an Internet Browser of your choice available on your Computer. For this, check your Computer’s Taskbar or Desktop for an available Browser icon. Your System may have one or more of the commonly used Browsers. For instance, Apple’s Safari,Mozilla Firefox, Google’s Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. As such, simply click on one of the available icons to launch a Browser.
  2. Now, click on the Address Bar of this Browser window. Here, you must type in the default IP Address of your Router which is “”. Make sure to enter it accurately. Then, press the “Enter” key from your keyboard. 
  3. As a result, it brings up the Belkin Setup webpage on your screen. 
  4. The very first window displays the “Authentication Required” page at the top right-hand corner. This window has the Username and Password field. While, the Username field is already filled with its default information i.e. “admin”. But, the Password field is empty. All you have to do is click on the highlighted “Belkin Login” tab while leaving the Password field empty. 
  5. When prompted, click on the “submit” button to proceed further. As such, it authenticates access to your Router’s Setting. 
  6. Thereafter, it brings up a “Let’s Connect to the Internet” window on your screen. Here, you will notice a “Detect my Connection” button. Now, click on this tab to search for the available Networks. This process may take some time. As such, you must patiently wait till the system locates your Network. 
  7. The following window will give you some connection options. Here, you should look for the “Internet WAN” section. Click on the “Connection Type” tab located beneath it. 
  8. This will provide you with a list of options for “Connection Type”. As such, make an appropriate selection based on the Network Details provided by your ISP. In most of the cases, you will have to opt for “Dynamic/ Fixed IP”. 
  9. In addition to that, it requires you to provide the remaining Network Details. Hence, accurately enter the required information. Then, click on “Apply Changes.”
  10. Following that, it may seek the Username and Password of your Internet Connection i.e. your Modem’s login credentials. 
  11. After that, restart your Modem when prompted. 
  12. As the Device reboots itself, check the status of your Computer’s Internet Connection. Make sure it displays “Connected” to the right Network. 
  13. Subsequently, it will start detecting the available Firmware Updates for your Router. Make sure to go through the following steps to update your router’s firmware if it detects any available updates. 
  • To begin with, you will get its End User License Agreement. Hence, closely review the given terms on this document by scrolling down to the very bottom. Then, accept it by selecting on the “I accept the License Agreement” checkbox. 
  • Finally, click on the button that says “Install Update” to begin the Installation process. Now, wait for the process to finish properly. This will successfully Download and Install the available updates.

Reset The Router’s Password

  1. Once your Router is connected to the Network and updated with the latest firmware, proceed to change its default login credentials. 
  2. As it completes the firmware update, Belkin Setup will display another window. 
  3. Here, it requires to set login credentials for your Belkin Router. These details will facilitate access to your Internet Network once the changes are successfully applied. 
  4. Therefore, begin by providing a unique Network Name in the very first empty text box. 
  5. Along with that, enter a strong and distinct Password for protecting your Network from unauthorized access. However, make sure it is easy to remember. 
  6. In addition to that, it requires you to choose a Security Type from the list of available options. For this, click on the respective drop-down box. Then, select appropriately. Belkin Setup recommends you to opt WPA2 as your Security Type. This is because it is the most secure protocol for protecting your Network. 
  7. Now, go to the very bottom of this window. Locate the highlighted button that says “Save and Continue”. Click on it to change the Username and Password of your Belkin Router. 
  8. The following window displays the Network Name and Password provided above for Verification purposes. As such, attentively check the displayed information. From now onwards, these credentials will allow you to establish connection between various wireless devices and your Internet Network. 
  9. Thereafter, click on the “Great, what’s next?” button to proceed to the next stage of your Belkin Setup process.

Register Your Router

  1. Once you reset the Router’s Login Credentials, it redirects you to a Product Registration window. This is an optional step which means you can skip it by selecting the “Register Later” tab. However, Belkin Setup suggests you to complete the Registration process to ensure smooth and uninterrupted Internet Network experience. 
  2. Begin the Router Registration process by accurately providing the required details in the empty text boxes. 
  3. In the very first place, you must enter your First Name. 
  4. Then, provide your Last Name in the following text box. 
  5. Now, provide a working Phone Number. Belkin Router Setup will use this number for communication purposes. In other words, you will get notifications on this number. 
  6. In addition to that, Belkin Setup requires an active Email Address. As such, enter the same correctly. 
  7. Thereafter, you will have to specify your “Country”. For this, click on the given drop-down box. Then, choose appropriately. 
  8. Along with that, it requires your permission to send you News, Updates and Information about Belkin Products. As such, tick mark the checkbox besides the “Send me occasional Belkin News” option. 
  9. Finally, click on the button that says “Complete Registration”. This will complete Product Registration for Belkin Setup. 
  10. The following window will confirm the same. Here, you must click on the “Thanks, take me to the dashboard” button. With this, it leads you to your Router’s Dashboard to alter its Settings for personalizing your overall experience.