Belkin range extender setup

Belkin range extender setup

Belkin is an industry leader for providing superior quality, innovative, and globally famous extenders. Extenders help the users to strengthen their wireless network and help them to reach places which do not receive wireless signals. If you too are facing the network issues in your home or office, then you must purchase a Belkin extender. For enjoying the uninterrupted network connectivity, you have to set up the extender. Although the process is simple and effortless, still we are providing the complete Belkin range extender setup guide. This guide will help you to know the process deeply and avoid midway errors.

Pre-Belkin Range Setup Requirements

To make the Belkin range extender setup process easier and simpler, you must fulfill some of the necessary requirements. All the below-stated requirements must be satisfied before you start off with the setup process. 

  • Make a purchase of a new Belkin range extender from the official website or through a third-party. In case you are using an older then you have to reset your extender. 
  • Your wireless network router must be properly set up and switched on. Also, make sure that you are receiving an active internet connection. 
  • You must have access to wireless network connectivity enabled devices. 
  • For error-free extender setup, you must have an updated and reliable internet browser on your system.
  • You must be aware of your wireless network SSID and password. 
  • If you wish to perform the wired range extender setup, then you must have an ethernet cable with you. Ensure that the cable is not broken or damaged.

Full-fledge Procedure for Setup

Full-fledge Procedure for Setup

Below-mentioned is a thorough procedure for the setup of your Belkin range extender. The process is provided in the sequence as it should be followed. Hence, go along with the Belkin Range Setup process attentively and enjoy a seamless experience. 

  • Unpack your Belkin Range Extender

Start the process by unpacking the extender. For this, you have to take off the tapes and papers or other material from the extender. Along with this, you have to take out the accessories that are available inside the box.

  • Connect to the power supply

The next step of the process is to take the extender and affix it to the electric socket. Make sure you plug in your extender near to your router for better connectivity.

  • Build a connection

After that, Belkin asks the users to form an unbreakable connection between your extender and computing device. In order to form a connection, you can either opt for the wired method or the wireless method. 

Wired Connection: Take an ethernet cable and attach one of its end to the Belkin extender ethernet port. Another end of the cable is required to be attached to your system. 

Wireless Connection: You can also connect the devices through a wireless connection. For this, move to your computer system and look for the “Belkin.setup” SSID in the list of available wireless networks. Once you get it, connect your device to it. 

  • Move to the Extender Setup window

After establishing a successful connection between the devices, you have to visit the setup webpage. To do so, launch any of the desired web browsers on your system. Then, type in the “Belkin.range” URL in the empty address field. Next to this, look for the Enter key on your keyboard and press it. 

  • Perform the Belkin Range Extender Setup 

Once you reach the setup window, you will get a “Start” tab on your screen. Click the tab to move ahead. Doing so, Belkin will start looking for the wireless networks available near you. From the list, make the selection of the preferred network. You have to choose the network that you want to multiply with the help of Belkin Extender. After network SSID selection, you have to provide its password too. 

  • Change the Belkin Extender settings

As you click the “Next” button after selecting the network, you will get a screen with the details of the extended network. The SSID and password of the extended network are available. You can either save the changed credentials as appearing by clicking the “Create” tab. However, if you wish to make the changes, then hit the “Edit” tab and modify the credentials.

  • Conclude the Belkin Range Extender Setup Process

As you do so, the successful message will come up on your screen. You can come out of the wizard and place your Belkin router to the ideal location to get rid of dead zones.